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4th annual Jumbo Juggernaut

What does flowers have to do with today’s post. Shit I don’t know. It’s the only photo I have at the moment. I was busy riding my bike all day.  Where did I ride do you ask? ha! The Jumbo Juggernaut.

This year my new bike was the star. It climbed.  And wow did it descend.  For me, fat and old, not so much.  I went slower then ever but in the end felt like I didn’t even ride at all. Yea, it was so easy I went into town later to ride with someone else and go on a date. This years loop (Garmin Connect) was a 13.06 mile loop with 2,011 feet climbing and I wanted it to be a 1 hour loop. Except I was a slow ass.

Last year was a 11.3 mile loop with 1,785 feet of climbing.  To enhance my frustration of getting old I was slower then last year’s disappointments …  “Overall for the 6 hours I did 6 laps in 7:12 while last year it only took me 6:39. That means I lost to last years Bill Martin by 33 minutes. It is what it is. Might as well just keep up with the training, get some rest, and maybe loose a few pounds. I’ll be back” I mentioned in last years blog.

I am happy to announce that I came in first with a time of 2:30 with Ross in chase at 2:50. It is rumored that Ross took “alternate” routes but the judges determined that since he had worked out so hard and was covered in so much mud that he deserved second place”, I posted in 2010. Everything clicked even my blogging humor.  I do remember heat stroke after though.

2009 I started it all as I prepared for the worlds. “Sunday was a little more serious and I had to practice my solo pace with pit stops.  I made up a course called the Jumbo Juggernaut ( A 15.5 mile loop with almost 3,000 feet of climbing.  It was freaking hot as for the first time Missoula got into the 80s.  I definitely mis-judged how much water to carry per lap and by the third lap I was dragging my tongue. Some of the Bozone crew showed up to ride some of it with me and Zephanie came back for more punishment. Ended up finishing the day with 61.5 miles in just over 6 hours and 12,100 feet of climbing. And that ends my account of last weekend.  Oh yea, then there was Happy Hour at the Bridge Pizza after…”

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