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Discovering Frog Rock

I have been exhausted lately.  Some big adventure coupled with some late nights have me is some major need of sleep. So after work tonight I had two choices. Go home and hit the couch or squeak out a adventure. I settled on a “active rest” hike to Frog Rock.

Yet another trail here in Bozeman is just west of town. This tiny hike is great for recovery and some amateur rock climbing. I mean there is some major rock to climb but also for us scary cats there are some side pitches that take you to some rock perches above the canyon. these are the rocks you see between Bozeman and the pass. Yea, you can hike up into them … cool. Again tonight as with the last two weeks my mind drifted in and out of current situations. New job, new trails, and yes some sparks of fondness for someone. Along with that Modest Mouse seemed to find a way to get me running. Yes a recovery hike turned into a great trail run.  I cant wait for this weekend.

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