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IMG_7305 I texted my friend to see if we could meet for a mountain bike ride but received nothing in return. I shrugged it off and went out alone for a ride at Blue Mountain Recreation Area. It has been three days since I swung my leg over Turner. The suspension had leaked air and the tires were a little soft. This was all probably due to sitting in the back of trucks and cars since last Thursday. None the less, even with these subtle changes, the ride was perfect. Because I was there. The dirt was there. My bike was underneath me. These things all solid cornerstones in my life.

IMG_7309 Solo is the word I prefer. There are times in transition where you need the help of your pit crew and friends but mostly you are out there solo. Riding on solid ground with the belief that when you travel just a bit further you can find that different life, that other piece of you, that has been missing.

IMG_7311 My mind drifts off to last weekend at the base of Borah Peak. I had transitioned there the night before. Transitioned from the world of work, daily pressures, and society. We stayed up late sharing details on trails traveled. The team was preparing for an adventure into this giant mountain that itself has been transitioned from a gentle landscape to a fractured rock and churned soil.

IMG_7313 For whatever reason I always find myself alone while the world slumbers. I am solo and I embrace the moment to walk around and take in the solid details of the world around me. Things that have been there for centuries and will be there for decades to come.  I am solo and just one element. One element in the landscape.

Others will come and go but one thing will remain a constant. A solo human on soil that is as solid as anything can be. In a landscape that may change in little subtle ways. None the less, the ride will be perfect.

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