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Jumbo Juggernaut 2010

A mock endurance race loop ( click on 2010 loop) I dreamed up to train for 24 solo racing. I did this loop last year as well. Currently I am at City Brew to follow the Tour Divide and download the podcasts. Then it is off to gather my race equipment and head off for a 1PM start. Does this kind of thing (6 hours on a 13 mile with 2,500 Feet climbing loop) gets you all randy then please by all means join me.

Yesterday I was testing Carbo Rocket 350 and it was tremendously successful. In the AM I did 6 South Sentinel Fire Road hill climbs (8 minutes a piece at hr zone 4). I recovered for a few hours then headed up into Pattee Canyon for the Patte Wagon World Championships with my friend Ross.

We were the only two qualifiers for this event which featured 3 laps on a 8.8 mile loop which featured 1,500 feet of climbing per lap. I am happy to announce that I came in first with a time of 2:30 with Ross in chase at 2:50. It is rumored that Ross took “alternate” routes but the judges determined that since he had worked out so hard and was covered in so much mud that he deserved second place.

By the way, the photo in this post has nothing to do with the blog

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