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Night Out

2007_12_27_road_ride_2While my friends Rogue and Roar hit the abundant snow in there areas, I on the other hand have been hitting the pavement and feeling the sunshine on my shoulder.  Last night my aunt and I hit the metropolis of Sidney Montana for dinner and some beers.  After talking and mixing it up with the locals we went back to Lambert for some “close to home” beers before returning to home base.  Of course all this started off with another bike ride.  Click here to check out my Lambert rides!

I headed out into another bright sunny day but the temperatures were the coldest so far at around 20 degrees. I feel a little sore in the muscles from all the hills and big efforts this week so I took it moderately easy.  Along the way I hit a crosswind which made things going pretty tedious.  I pulled into Sidney 1 hour 15 minutes later to my cousin’s house where I changed into human clothes. I walked among the humans the rest of the night. Sexy bike stayed in the back of the truck.

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