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Wild Rockies Racing Series

Hello from the Break Espresso. I am still looking for comments on the new navigation menu functionality here at the lodge on the left. It is also interesting to note that the Sidewinder trail is almost catching Snow Bowl for top local trail. This morning I stumbled upon a racing series that is way more organized and looks to be more fun than the Montana MORS gatherings. Am I being too spoiled?

With 28 cross-country, 13 downhill and one spanking-new dual free event class, there's a class for all ages and abilities. From the recreational to the extreme racers, everyone from under 12 to over 57, the Wild Rockies Mountain Bike Racing Series is the quite possibly the best way to experience the Northwest on two wheels.

Prizes include clothing from Cyclone Sports Wear, MTB Shoes, trophies and more. The top three points finishers in every sport, expert and pro class, plus all junior-beginner classes, will receive year-end recognition and a series award. Your best 7 out of 10 cross-country events (for downhill racers, your best 4 out of 5 downhill events) count for points, the smallest-turnout race of the year pays double points for each.

Wild Rockies is The official NORBA Regional Cross Country (XC) Series for the Northwest. The web site is top notch and the catagories are fully broken down unlike the MORS series where everyone races each other. The downside is that they cost more and the traveling may be a little extreeme. Still, it worth a thought. I am already dreaming!

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