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Stark Mountain Successful

[image]Saturday I stopped by Starbucks to grab a coffee and scone. I was getting out late and needed a snack. I found the road to the trail head well enough and went until I got the car stuck. From there it was a 6 mile snowshoe which wasn't easy. From false summits to a crust that just was not enough to hold me up, The way to the top was long and arduous.

I did make it though and was rewarded by beautiful features of frost, snow, and vistas. coming back to the car I ran at times, boot skied the rest. If I were a telemarker, i would of been in heaven. 3 miles of open glades in waist deep powder.

Saturday night I did not sleep well due to having no bed. My air mattress was in heaven and the ground seemed to tease my aches of the days trip. Sunday I did my usual laundry and groceries, but did something extra. went on a quest for a bed. i came up with a feather bed from target. Thank you mom for sending me the money.

I did not do a usual super bowl party but I did stop down to the Board Room to say i to Mike and see the kick off. i had dinner at the Dent's, and they had Tivo, so we watched the game in its entirety. It was a decent game. Specially with a growler of Bayern Heiphenfieser (sp).

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