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Its Game Day

Yesterday and last night in particular was not good. I did, however, get to go hiking and work on some web programming for my new blog application. More of that to come. Sleeping is rough and my ribs are sore. Last night I thought I felt one crack when I tried to get up off the floor after watching TV. Today is game day as the Griz take on Arizona. Sorry mom and dad but I am hoping for a good slaughter.

I cant wait to get a job. I cant wait to get on with my life and enjoy it. Ll this unemployment, starving, and debt is so draining. That is why I am going to do something fun today. I am out of money and will be homeless in 23 days, so today I am going to enjoy myself. I know – I have been doing it all summer, but the last month has been hell. If I would have been having this bad of a time all summer than I would of moved back out East by now. Don't worry Paul, wont call you asking for a place to live or money to borrow.

There is work to do and I am ready to do it. Today however I want to have fun but without guilt. For instance last night I went hiking. Sure it was after dark and the day was done, but since I didn't get what I wanted done I was feeling guilty to be out there hiking. Which reminds me, I better get going to do some biking before the game.

I am trying to recover from economic hardship and I am realizing that it is not solely about stopping that pain. Recovering is about learning to make myself feel better; then its about making myself feel good. Enjoy your day – I will!

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