The Worst Week Ever

Got back at midnight last night and now I have the flu. I learned that my computer came in last Friday and I have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up. Plus tomorrow I plan to travel to Amherst MA to watch my friend Nick play hockey. Whew, need a break.

The trip back from Missouri was interesting. I decided to drive straight through to home in CT. I managed to severely sprain my ankle and when I arrived here in Hamden I was very ragged.

I then headed up north to Plattsburgh to visit my friend Suzy for her birthday. I ended up spending the night under her house trying to unfreeze her pipes. I got really sick and now here I am suffering and ready for bed.

Good night!

UPDATE:  6 Years Later

I can still remember this week when I cam back from Missouri.  I mentioned that I sprained my ankle.  Let me expand on it.  I was driving back from Ohio with a friend that was visiting her mom for the holidays.  I was coming back from my sisters.  Somewhere in Pennsylvania I think we stopped at a rest area.

My friend took Marcy for a walk while I went to the bathrooms.  When I came out I decided to sneak in the woods and come out and scare her and Marcy.  As I was running through the woods I stepped on some re-bar and twisted my ankle.  I rolled it completely over and  quickly tightened my boot to keep the swelling in check.

I was so tires when we got back into Connecticut that my injury was making me feel like I was slipping into shock.  I just wanted to sleep so bad.  I remember wanting to stop to run up a hill to elevate my heart rate but my ankle was too injured.  I finally did make it and went to bed.

The following day I was supposed to drop Marcy by her apartment so she could watch her while I ran up to Plattsburgh to see Sue.  I could not find her anywhere and had to take Marcy.  My trip was made worse because when I got to Sue’s in a blinding snow storm her pipes were frozen.  She was near a complete mental breakdown and at some time when i was under her house trying to fix her pipes I realized it was over between us.  I spent my money and all weekend to help her out and she just still made it the worst weekend of my life.  It was over.

I needed to add this section now that life is a little different but reading this little post made me realize I was too traumatized to blog.  So now I did.

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